Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gamechangers Radio

The podcast I recorded a couple weeks ago is up and running, as of today.  Below is what Adrian Hopkins, Gamechanger's host, has to say about the new episode and a direct links to it. 
Check it out!

" With spring comes new weather (ideally), new energy, and new beginnings. In this spirit, I bring you the second episode of Gamechangers Radio, which focuses on entrepreneurship. Both of my guests - Victoria Bott of Sweetie Pies Brooklyn and Philip Blackett of Win/Win Redevelopment Corp. & MisterPotential.com - are young entrepreneurs who were pushed into new beginnings by the tough economy and have never looked back.

We focus on their journeys and the lessons that managing their own businesses/brands have taught them and pose the question: "do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?" Whether or not we decide to pursue our own businesses, there are some valuable takeaways when it comes to stepping boldly into the unknown and challenging ourselves to reject complacency. 

Jump over to http://bit.ly/gamechangers2 to check out the conversation, while enjoying the freshest music from Erykah Badu, J*Davey and more. "

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SweetiePies Hits the Airwaves

Sorry for the delay in posting.  The beginning of spring brings a booked calender and little time for baking. While I have no new pies to post about yet, I did my very first podcast this weekend.  

A long time friend of mine, Adrian Hopkins, who I've know since elementary school back in Richmond, has just started his own podcast called Gamechangers Radio.  This was only his second episode and I feel honored to have been asked to participate.  His goal for the podcast is to showcase his friends as they take on their mid-20s and start to seriously think about their life goals and career paths, whether in "film, food, and finance".  For this episode, he asked his friend Philip Carrington Blackett, from Mister Potential and Win/Win Redevelopment Corp. and myself to discuss the ups and downs of starting up our own business.  I also baked a pie for the boys to eat on air.  Adrian pre-chose the Apple Pie with a Cheddar Crust and I must say they seemed to enjoy it, putting back over half a pie between the two of them.  I was very impressed.  The podcast should be up and running by next week and I will post again once its available for listening.

From left to right: Philip Blackett, Adrian Hopkins