Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Year, A New Pie

Prosciutto VA Country Ham, Fig and Gorgonzola Pie

I decided to replace the prosciutto with salt cured Virginia country ham since I was not happy with the flavor of the prosciutto, once it was cooked.  The result was delicious.  The very salty ham balanced nicely with the sweet figs and tangy gorgonzola. 
The only issue I seem to have now is figuring out an easier way of getting hold of this ham, which I had to order from Padow's, in Richmond, Virginia.  I was unable to find it anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn.  Sadly, I was informed, by several local butchers, that this ham is generally too salty for my Northern neighbor's taste-buds.  It's all in the way it's used.  Because this ham is so salty, it needs to be offset by something mild or sweet.  In Richmond, we use this ham most often to make ham biscuits, small sandwiches made of country ham placed on a buttered roll or biscuit.  Simple but delicious.

I hope to start selling this pie in the next month or two at the Greenpoint Food Market.

Sorry for the washed out pictures but I had 3 hungry roommates waiting for me to finish photographing the pie so they could dig in.

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