Saturday, November 7, 2009

Book Bread

I was p
racticing my bread baking skills last night for the upcoming IBNYC’s 1st Indie Bookstore Week NYC, November 15-21, 2009.

I am providing bread loaves specifically for the Duchess of Whimsy children's book reading at WORD Bookstore in Brooklyn on November 15th, 2009 at 2pm.

WORD is partnering with Greenpoint Food Market vendors

(myself and You Can't Eat Bread!?) and upstate dairy farms Pampered Cow and Hudson Valley Fresh to provide grilled cheese sandwiches and milk for the children and parents during the reading.

My first practice round!

This homemade white bread had a beautiful, crispy, golden crust and while it stayed moist on the inside and tasted delicious, it was a bit too dense for grilled cheese sandwiches. I am going to do another practice round next week, in an attempt to create a lighter and fluffier version for next Sunday.

Not bad for the first try though and the bread, sliced, toasted and topped with a dab of butter and raspberry preserves made for a perfect breakfast this morning.

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